At the wedding as a team

Is it approaching the wedding of your acquaintances, friends or anyone you would like to surprise at the wedding with something nice, wittful and tasteful? You will surely donate them to the necessary gift or contribute to a common coin bank. But what about the surprise of the day "D"? The dozen cards don't wear anymore. Wear a shirt!
From the gala to the comfort
Think of a funny and nice print of T-shirts and hoof to celebrate! Everyone is dressed up in a comfortable outfit after the ceremony, and now it's the right time for the newlyweds to "get along".  They can only wear them throughout the party, but they also use them for the next wear. And there's nothing better than making a vshirt for wedding guests! What is this split into the "bride's team" and the "groom's team"? Or is it a description of the places and words that both newlyweds describe? The limits are not here, and you will move the bar up.