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A radio that catches you in the heart
The joke of Vlasty Korce is a pleasant reacting of a young moderator who will entertain you with a funny message or forum! Every weekday around the ninth hour you can look forward to his merry jokes! Radio Impulse, these are not only serious things, we will be glad to entertain you and make you happy day after morning!
Your new favorite Radio
What do you have to do, Zuzana? This is a short amusement with the glosses of the famous entertainers and the presenter Zuzana Bubílková! This permanent Czech entertainment prepares funny comments about the current events around us! Do not miss these short entries that are going to radio Impuls!
You're right, darling…
You're right, darling, this is a fun hour with Veronica Žilková, Martin Stropnický and Vlastou Korcem, who is a moderator. Radio Impuls allowed this marital pair to entertain listeners with true paradoxes from the world of men and women. Tune them every weekday from ninth to tenth and enjoy the pleasured!