Pleasure without risk

It is not quite a hundred percent true, but at least partly the practice of oral sex can be considered a much more pleasant and safer practice than vaginal intercourse. There are several facts for this assertion. In relation to women, this is undoubtedly an inability to conceive. Not only does it make sure that there are no complications in the life of a woman given unwanted pregnancies, but this certainty also helps to better relax and thus to better the enjoyment of the whole sexual act. It is not negligible that some venereal diseases cannot be transferred in this way. But others do! Finally, a girl practicing rectal and oral sex can at any time prove its integrity to the intact hymen.
In males, also
The popularity of oral sex in men is motivated similarly. In addition, gentlemen with an undersized penis can experience much better feelings in a tightest back hole than in some relaxed or frequent use of a stretched vagina. And gentlemen in a passive role can enjoy the impossibly irritating stimulation of the prostate.