Sodium lamp Creates romance

You wouldn't say what urban lighting can do in winter. Have you ever noticed? Imagine an evening almost liduempty and snowy paths, in which are beaten trails from the feet of winter boots. Around the paths are patiently fasted with snowy trees, and on the bench you do not want to break the pillows from the snowflakes! The hand you lead with your beloved and the way before you illuminate the lamps, which, by their deployment at a specified distance, give the warm yellow light to the entire area. Isn't that romantic? And you know that the sodium vapor lamp is what the romance completes?
Electricians probably laugh at it
If you tell the electricians something about the fact that he finds romance under the outside lamp, he will only incrementally extend the view to you, because he also has a working deformation and sees the lamp as part of his work. Try to kiss the electrician under the lamp. He will immediately discover which light source they used there. I don't think he understands romance. But it's probably the same with any man. In any case, it is clear that every person who likes romance will find it, for example, even in ordinary urban lighting.