You’re saying you’re never doing this?

That it never happened to you that you would take a close look at the handsome muscular man with a wide smile right on the street, even if at that time you were happily entered by a woman? Or that at the celebration of a friend's birthday you verbally "did not Harashil" with a waitress who was in charge of serving your table in a pub, although at home waiting for you a wife, with whom you have been married for more than ten years? Then you have lost many in your life. With flirting, you can experience a lot of fun without having to cheat or otherwise hurt your precious half-girls.
Or are you worried that you're not too good at it?
Or is it true somewhere else? It is not that you would not be involved in the irritant game of the flying contacts, the signs and the omcission views, but rather your concern that similar involvement could result in embarrassing and your shame? Then feel free to contact us. We will help you prepare for such situations well.